Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

There are a number of tourism attractions that can place Uganda among the top destinations in Africa if they were well harnessed. One of them being the gorillas found in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest in South Western Uganda. The gorillas come in position number two after the big five; the ion, the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard and the rhino. Unlike the first four that … Continue reading Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

To the Murchison Falls, Shall We? (Part Two)

If you are ever planning a trip to the Murchison, it is better you plan spending a night over. There are a number of accommodation options available starting from Masindi town to the park itself. Inside the park is Pakuba Safari Lodge and Paraa Lodge. The choice is yours. There are other accommodation sites at the peripheral of the park and can easily be accessed … Continue reading To the Murchison Falls, Shall We? (Part Two)

Uphill to the Sipi Falls

Forget about Mbale. Kapchworwa is beautiful. It is serenely quiet, green and cold. It is raised on high and waltzes thick with life. The hills and the rounding corners are nothing compared to the clean air that runs through your nostrils from the time you cross the line after Sironko that point when your eyes can afford to zoom in the sight of the waterfalls … Continue reading Uphill to the Sipi Falls

On a mission for a Sipi Falls Excursion (Part 1)

One thing with group travels is the chaos that never misses. There is always that one person who delays the rest of the group as they give disjointed excuses, “I’m on a boda”, “I’m stuck in traffic”, “My shoe has a flat tyre”, “I forgot my wallet,” “I thought departure was two hours form now”. Somehow the excited crew always finds the patience to wait … Continue reading On a mission for a Sipi Falls Excursion (Part 1)