IBRAHIM BALUNYWA on AYEH, Leave it to God!

Have you read this book? Ayeh, is the poetic memoir written by Ibrahim Balunywa. He writes a series of poems that have shaped the direction of his decisions for the time he has been n school paying maximum attention to the time spent in university. Ibrahim tells a story of struggle especially in a foreign land. He went to school in India for both his … Continue reading IBRAHIM BALUNYWA on AYEH, Leave it to God!

Pieces of me by Catherine BAGYENDA

The new shorter Oxford English dictionary dfines a piece as “a small part of a material thing, any of the distinct portions or objects of which a material thing is composed”. There are pieces of everything and each and every one of us has their own. They build up the components of who we are. Sometimes our pieces are scattered and they do not make … Continue reading Pieces of me by Catherine BAGYENDA


There comes a point in life when one is pushed to the corner and the only way one will live is if they leave. This is what happens at the island of Adavera in the Nvaleroah household. The death of Edward Nvaleroaah brings with it episodes of other forms of departure. Edward, is a loving father to his three daughters; Anidanta, Nohana and Lucy. His … Continue reading ADAVERA


Scrolling through social media, one cannot fail but notice a headline or post of something wrong a man has done. With the advance of social media, men’s acts have been brought to question of their authenticity and intent. Man’s actions have questioned in his position as a father, brother, boyfriend, friend or work colleague or boss. This gave life to the hashtags #MenAreTrash and #MeToo. … Continue reading MAN ON TOP