There comes a point in life when one is pushed to the corner and the only way one will live is if they leave. This is what happens at the island of Adavera in the Nvaleroah household. The death of Edward Nvaleroaah brings with it episodes of other forms of departure. Edward, is a loving father to his three daughters; Anidanta, Nohana and Lucy. His … Continue reading ADAVERA


Scrolling through social media, one cannot fail but notice a headline or post of something wrong a man has done. With the advance of social media, men’s acts have been brought to question of their authenticity and intent. Man’s actions have questioned in his position as a father, brother, boyfriend, friend or work colleague or boss. This gave life to the hashtags #MenAreTrash and #MeToo. … Continue reading MAN ON TOP

The Bell Is Ringing

I was a freshman at university when Makerere celebrated 90 years of her existence. One of the activities done to mark off the celebrations were a series of lectures on different topics. However, the main public lecture which filled the main hall to overflowing capacity was the one where Dr Martin Aliker was presenting his. We all sat straight up, the senior citizens, the teaching … Continue reading The Bell Is Ringing


Often times poets write of things that affect the community they live in. They are observers who take note of the many things that the ordinary eye may misses out. They are society’s self-appointed mouth piece without whom some things might never come to light. Ronald Ssekajja takes a U-turn in this collection. He takes an outside-in point  of view into the jungle that is … Continue reading ECHOES OF TIRED MEN